Full Range Leadership for Advancing Health and Safety

“Full Range Leadership for Advancing Health and Safety” is an opportunity to transform your leadership skills in just 5 months! Kicking off on October 7, 2021, safety professionals, business owners, supervisors, and those seeking to take a leadership role in their workplace will benefit from this one-of-a-kind training program consisting of 10 virtual, interactive learning sessions led and developed by faculty instructors from the University of Washington, as well as opportunities for action learning in the workplace and peer-to-peer interaction. 

This training program was developed by the University of Washington Foster School of Business Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking (CLST) and University of Washington Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS). Participants will engage with curriculum developed from over 20 years of research practice focusing on leadership, and special emphasis will be placed on building skills to create safer and healthier workplaces in response to our changing global environment. 

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Free Vehicle/Equipment Movement Planning & Safety Training

The constant movement of vehicles and big equipment create serious hazards for workers on construction sites. Whether it’s a road construction site or a large building construction site, the interaction of heavy equipment and large trucks with on-foot workers commonly creates a high fatality and high hazard zone.

For these high risk construction zones, training is essential for all personnel.  Targeted training can help increase construction employee awareness and reduce incidents caused by heavy construction equipment including backing operations, struck-by, caught-between, and vehicle accidents.

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Establish a Safety Fund

Donors can establish a named academic scholarship or professional education grant fund through the ASSP Foundation. Scholarships and grants advance the safety profession and provide national recognition for the donor. The Foundation manages the administrative details of this program and works with the donor to provide qualified award recipients each year.

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WISE Mentoring Program

The WISE Mentoring program successfully connects today’s most talented and experienced women mentors with rising and aspiring mentees. This pairing is designed to encourage and empower mentees to more effectively advance their careers through alignment with identified business objective, skill development, career option consideration, and network formation. All discussions are strictly confidential between the two parties. If you are an SH&E practitioner seeking to chart a successful career path or a seasoned pro eager to share experiences and insight, please visit the ASSP WISE website for more information.